Our Approach

Priority in our approach is given to kindness, truly believing in a child’s abilities and treating them with love, respect and adding fun to their learning. 

Our model of Early PBS aims to support the development of social communication, improve relationships, and management of changes and transitions, whilst developing skills needed for school.

Our services include parents at every stage and empower them to become curious and learn from their children through play and positive interactions.

All of the services offered are developed from the evidence-based Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) practice. 

PBS framework provides individualised, meaningful, value-based and person-centred interventions for families to use in everyday life. The PBS model we use is supported by evidence from peer-reviewed research and is the preferred model used by NHS Services.


will work for individual everywhere with everyone


on prevention & skills building


Focused on observable & measurable behaviours


Well written, understandable and easy to follow plans


The data prove positive change


On research and values

Effective & Functional

It will work and improve quality of life

Partnership & Collaboration

For better outcomes