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This is your chance to ask us how it all works, and it lets us get to know you and your little one. You can choose between Zoom and Google Meet.

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Details on our Step Into Play Page!

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Please discuss this with Linny in your Initial Enquiry Call if interested.

Assessment, initial guidance and support – Total of 12hrs 

Supervisor Support, Treatment Plan Overview and Consultancy

6hrs – includes a visit at home and sessions at the  Cupar Centre

Online assessments

Written and verbal guidance

Resources if needed

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This can be a phone call, Zoom or GoogleMeet.

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Once you have paid and booked the first of the four sessions, please email Linny at, and they will send you the links to book your remaining three sessions.

NOTE: These are sessions at our HQ in Cupar.

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There is a fee of £20 per document.

If you need a professional letter for your childcare provider and/or Child Disability Payment, we can provide these.

Please email

Nobody likes talking about money, least of all a charity, but sadly it is inevitable that we may not ALWAYS have funded spaces.  However, if we do not have funded spaces available, we can point you in the right direction. Organisations like Cash4Kids can provide funding to families for support.  We can guide you through this process. All you have to do is ask! Below are links to some organisations that may be able to help you!