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Early intervention & Support

for children in Dundee & Fife:

  • Aged 18 months – 5 years old
  • Additional Support Needs (ASN)
  • Global Development Delay
  • Neurodevelopmental Conditions such as Autism and ADHD
  • Learning disabilities such as Down syndrome or Cerebral palsy

We’ve Got Big Plans for Little Ones!

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“Hearing from Julian, who has lived experience of the care system, was important. Thinking about how to help children soothe is something I am interested in taking forward and supporting the carers to manage this.

Although each one was very interesting and covered various areas more in depth, look at trauma related behaviours and strategies.

The information about trauma informed practice is invaluable.”

Staff Evaluation of Speaker Series

“Each speaker had at least one stand out moment but I particularly Jan’s as it felt more relevant.

One of them is about the children’s heart rate, and if we measure this we can teach the children about stress responses. I think hearing more about the importance of relationships was vital.”

Staff Evaluation of Speaker Series

“I think the fact that carers can go back and listen to them when they have time, this works well as the foster carers are usually very busy during the day. All involved took a child centred approach and spoke with compassion and commitment for the children we work with. The fostering team also enjoyed these sessions.”

Staff Evaluation of Speaker Series

“Every single talk I found was so relevant and interesting.

I found all speakers to be very knowledgeable. I think there was a range of information that covered many of the issues the foster carers face. I particularly enjoyed Jan Ference and Keren Hadden.”

Staff Evaluation of Speaker Series

“We are so grateful. Behavioural wise he has been great and has made VAST improvement  from when we all first met together thanks to your guidance. We continue following all the  strategies and things are much better.”

Dad of 10 year old Broughty Ferry:

“His challenging behaviour is definitely reduced. The thing you taught us – repeat things  twice has made a difference. His babbling and speech has improved. He can say some 2  word sentences.”

Mum of 3 year old Dundee:

“I’m so happy. I used to feel helpless. You’ve taught me to be successful and showed me how  much he can do. He likes the games and he’s eating.”

Mum of 9-year-old Aberdeen: