About Us

Nurture Steps was born out of the immeasurable passion for helping neurodivergent children, helping young children with neurodevelopmental delays and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).  

We believe that Early Intervention before children begin school is imperative. In many cases, the parents of a neurodivergent child recognise something is not quite right but their concerns are dismissed.  We want this to change because we have big plans for little ones.

Our mission is to provide Early Intervention to children with neurodevelopmental differences and their families.  

Our vision is that all children with neurodevelopmental conditions across Scotland will have access to Early Positive Behaviour Support (E-PBS) within the next ten years.  

Our aim is to provide individualised services which focus on enhancing communication, independent living skills, relationships, social interaction and play.   

Our values focus on being child-centred, inclusive, positive and responsive to a family’s needs.

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Sign Up to our Newsletter