New Toys, No Space!

New Toys No Space

Spring Cleaning in a few steps…

Have you been thinking about organising your children’s toys for ages but keep putting it off? It can be daunting, but it can be done with some planning and creativity!

The best way to tackle it is to start by breaking the task into smaller steps.

  1. Start by sorting the toys into categories, like action figures, dolls, puzzles, and stuffed animals.
  2. Next, take some time to declutter and put away, donate or throw away any toys your child does not need anymore.
  3. Then, decide which toys are your child’s favourite, which they play with occasionally, and which they do not yet know how to play with. Separate the toys into three piles, and then split each of those piles in two.
  4. Keep some of each pile and hide the rest in storage bins or boxes. You can rotate these boxes every couple of weeks so your child does not get bored, and also, with fewer toys, it will keep their play area tidier.
  5. Finally, have a designated spot to store their toys, like their own shelf or drawer, so everyone knows where their things are.

All you need now is a bit of determination and time, and you can make organising toys a fun and rewarding activity.

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