Bla – Bla – Bla, or is it more?

Commenting on what your child is doing has many benefits. First of all, by simply saying what your child is doing, you BUILD A POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP. 

It is a great way to ENCOURAGE COMMUNICATION by offering them POSITIVE WORDS AND PHRASES when they are engaged in activities. 

There is also another reason why commenting is so important. It helps you to FOCUS ON THE PRESENT MOMENT and on the good and positive aspects of your child’s life. 

Instead of telling children what to do, try commenting on what they are doing, like “You are working so hard on that puzzle!” or “I love the way you used those colours in your drawing!” This will help them feel SUPPORTED AND VALUED and encourage them to keep going rather than feeling like they are being told what to do. Plus, it means no nagging!

For children with delayed speech and language, use only short sentences or a few words. “Nice drawing.”, “You are jumping so high.”, “Cars go up and round.” 

This form of communication takes ongoing practice; this week is just a start.

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